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Published 2016-07-18 in Nautilus by aspire

Last month we announced the release of the Aspire Nautilus X, the latest addition to the Aspire Nautilus range. Here we look at how each product within the range differs, to help you decide which one is for you.


The Aspire Nautilus range continues to prove successful due to the brands commitment to improving the quality of their products. Electronic cigarette technology is developing at an increasing rate and the Nautilus range is the epitome of innovation. The products, as part of the range, allow you to adjust the airflow, providing greater control over your vaping experience, while introducing new coil technology to improve the flavour and tantalise your taste buds.

Aspire Nautilus
Released in early 2014, the original Aspire Nautilus introduced the largest glassomizer tank within the Aspire range. The 5ml tank allows electronic cigarettes users to enjoy more of the taste without having to take the time to refill regularly. The Aspire Nautilus also uses the Nautilus Bottom Vertical Coil (BVC), which was created with the best features and technology available.

One of the Nautilus' biggest selling points is the variable airflow functionality, which offers you four options to choose from, allowing you to vary your taste and vaping experience. What's more, it's one of the easiest devices to clean.

Nautilus Mini
Following on from the success of the Nautilus, Aspire released the Nautilus Mini toward the end of 2014. This release brought about another innovation in technology, with a brand new coil design. What's more, the Nautilus Mini is compatible with the original Nautilus coils, providing its loyal fans with the choice of two great products within the same range.

The Nautilus Mini also introduced a new generation in clearomizers, which contains two vertical coils, providing the best taste sensation and reliable vapour production.

Nautilus X
The recently released introduces the all new revolutionary U-Tech coil technology for increased airflow performance and improved taste. It also introduces the easy to clean top-fill tank and a new leak-proof design. The Aspire Nautilus X tank features a 2 ml juice capacity, but provides you with the option to upgrade to 4ml with an adapter, again putting control and choice in your hands.

At a glance, this is how they measure up:

Aspire Nautilus Comparison
Features Naultilus Mini Naultilus Nautilus X
Capacity 5ml 2ml 2-4ml
Resistance 1.8ohm & 1.6ohm 1.8ohm & 1.6ohm 1.5ohm
Coils BVC BVC U-Tech
Filling Option Bottom Fill Bottom Fill Top Fill


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