How Often Should You Change Your E-Cig Coils?

Published 2016-07-26 in Coils by aspire

In our latest blog post we look at one of the most important elements of every electronic cigarette, along with its affect on your vaping experience...

Every electronic cigarette user will understand that there are four key elements that make up an ecig kit, the battery, tank, coil and e-juice. Two of these elements must be replaced or repurchased regularly to ensure you continue to experience the optimal vaping and taste sensation - your e-liquid and coils. It's obvious when you should purchase more e-liquid, as you simply run out, but how often should you replace your coils?

What do coils do?
Firstly, it's important to understand what coils do, only this way will you realise how critical they are to your vaping experience. Coils are an essential part of an electronic cigarette as they heat the e-liquid and turn it into the vapour you are familiar with and there are so many to choose from. There are BVC Coils (bottom vertical coil), BDC Coils (bottom dual coil) and the new Aspire Nautilus X coils, which have been designed with U tech technology.

There are two main types of coils, single coils have one heating element, whereas dual coils have two. There are three primary components within each atomiser coil, the casing, wire, and wicking material. When you add e-liquid to the tank the wicking material soaks it up and when the battery is activated the coil heats up, which causes the e-liquid to vaporise.

How long do coils last?
There are a few things that can affect the lifespan of a coil. Fruit flavoured e-liquids are more acidic , which can increase the rate coils burn out and e-liquids with high VG (vegetable glycerin), which is thicker than propylene glycol, cause the wicking material to deteriorate. The wattage and voltage level you use also have an effect. The more power you use, the quicker the coil will burn out.

There are few tell-tale signs that your coil is not running at optimal efficiency:

• There's less vapour
• Your ecig starts leaking
• Your ecig makes gurgling noises
• The flavour isn't as good as you first experienced

So, when should you replace your coil?

How long a coil lasts is dependent on how much you vape. If you vape constantly throughout the day, you'll need to change your coils more regularly than occasional vapers. To ensure you continue to benefit from the best vaping experience, and as a rule of thumb...

• Heavy vapers should replace coils every week.
• Moderate ecig users should replace coils every couple of weeks.
• Occasional users should replace coils monthly.

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