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IVG is a UK company who specialise in making the tastiest possible e-liquids for the vaping market. I VG have many ranges which include fan favourites such as Spearmint Millions, Blackberg and Bubblegum Millions vape juices. IVG has won multiple awards for many of their juices and it is easy to see why when you try these special e-liquids. 

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Apple Berry Crumble By IVG
A take on a classic, IVG's Apple Berry Crumble is your favourite apple crumble flavour with a twist...
Blueberg By IVG
Blueberg Burst e-liquid by IVG features a combination of forest fruits with against a cool backdrop...
Blueberry Crush By IVG
Blueberry Crush e-liquid by IVG is a fruit candy blend with cool notes. The juicy taste of blueberry..
Cherry Wave By IVG
IVG Cherry Waves e-liquid delivers a sweet and tart blend of rich red cherries with a stro..
Cookie Dough By IVG
A smooth and rich dessert blend, Cookie Dough 50/50 by IVG combines a buttery cookie dough with slig..
Jam Roly Poly By IVG
Jam Roly Poly e-liquid by IVG is a sweet and fruity dessert blend. The sweet and juicy taste of stra..
Rainbow Blast By IVG
Rainbow Blast e-liquid by IVG blends exotic fruits creating a vape that's both sweet and layered. A ..
Raspberry Stix By IVG
Picked straight out of a candy shop, IVG's Raspberry Stix is a take on a popular penny sweet co..
Silver Tobacco By IVG
Tobacco Silver e-liquid by IVG is a sweet and dark tobacco blend. The rich and earthy notes of a tra..
Strawberry By IVG
Strawberry (formerly known as Strawberry Millions) e-liquid by IVG is a classic candy blend with a f..


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